Thursday, January 12, 2012

What Lifecoaching Can Do For You

Lifecoaching is a buzzword these days. It has become a very popular option for many individuals who do not wish to delve into their past with psychotherapy. Instead, they want to analyze their present and plan for their future. Their hope is that their future will be shaped into the more balanced, more successful, more happy life they envision.

Who is the perfect lifecoaching client? Everybody ! Children, adolescents, adults, seniors; anyone who is needing help to reach the goals he/she needs to reach.

Do your children need help in organizing their study habits, becoming more social, or handling bullying? Lifecoaching can help them in these endeavors.

Are you wanting to have a more lucrative career, a happier and more connected relationship, a more balanced life? Lifecoaching can help.

Do you need assistance with handling life's transitions such as grieving for your loss of a loved one, dealing with life after divorce or a breakup, changing lifestyles or careers? Lifecoaching can help you process the changes and plan for your future.

These are just a few of the ways the coaching process can help you. Contact me to get started on your process. You have strengths and abilities that I will help you put to work for yourself and your life.