Monday, September 22, 2014



Toxic Shame


What keeps someone struggling with food addiction and compulsive eating ? Why is it so hard to end that vicious cycle of emotional eating and binging ?

For many people it is the pain of feeling “toxic shame”. Psychotherapist and author, John Bradshaw, has written extensively about shame and how it can keep someone paralyzed in dysfunctional patterns. When a compulsive eater uses food to feel better, to run from painful emotions or stress, he/she is entering a spiraling cycle of eating.

This can be perplexing for many because it is hard to understand how powerful toxic shame can be when you are under its spell. Someone who is feeling toxic shame believes that they ARE wrong, bad, unworthy. This kind of thinking ultimately leads to more emotional pain and poor self worth. These feelings then lead to more running from emotion by numbing out with food. You can see how toxic shame can keep someone trapped in an unhealthy and dangerous cycle.

At the Kayenta Lifestyle Transformation Program, we help people get out of the shame cycle and rid themselves of the false core beliefs that hold them in that cycle. We teach how “Healthy Shame” can actually be your ally in stopping compulsive eating.

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We all have the right to live an energized, connected, balanced life! Make yours happen.

Karie Lindsay, MSW, Certified Professional Coach


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